Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shelves or Cabinets? Part II

Yesterday we explored the dilemma of "Shelves vs. Cabinets" when it comes to the kitchen.
Would you prefer to have everything exposed?

Or keep your goodies hidden?
Here are a few options from Apartment Therapy - for all you cabinet lovers out there.

First up... BLACK.
Shocking, right?
But, so cool.
I love how they used the glass to give the cabinets just a little "leg."

Think outside the box.
If you're bold enough, paint your cabinets PURPLE...

... or maybe even PINK!

How about using old filing cabinets for kitchen drawers?
I love this idea.

Next up, we have some really neat kitchens from KitchenBathIdeas.
The different use of height with these cabinets makes the room look extra unique.
Not to mention, the foggy glass doors.

This design plays with glass and wood. Super sexy.

Guess what this is?
A refrigerator! The cabinets ALSO look like this... crazy.

Think how happy you'd be each morning, going downstairs to make your cup of coffee...
... in your cheery yellow kitchen!

These cabinets remind me of a country cottage.

Dark, chocolate cabinets. Yum.

How great are these white cabinets? Especially paired with the brick wall?!
I am in love.

Green, green, green.

This is something I would have never thought to do, but I am really loving the way these 2 colors are bringing the kitchen together...
... very elegant.

Once again, another 2-toned kitchen.
When I win the lottery, this may have to be the way I go...

So, what are your thoughts?
... or open shelves?
For me - I think it would be a happy marriage of both!

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