Saturday, July 30, 2011

Burst of Yellow

Sorry I haven't written in so long!

I've been busy moving into a different place.

But, the one good thing about moving - 
is that you can change things up in your home.

For example - 
this picture...

I was sick of it.

So - 
I decided to buy some gorgeous yellow fabric.
Cost me $9.99 a yard.
(Luckily - I only needed one yard.)

Iron that baby out...

Then, wrap it around the canvas - and staple in place
with a nice, sturdy staple gun.
(It's kind of like you're wrapping a Christmas present.)

Look how much better that is!

$9.99 is cheaper than going out and having to buy new artwork!



I took the scraps from the fabric - and put 
BURSTS of yellow throughout the room.

One thing to remember - 
you always want 10% of a "splash" of color in a room...
it gives the eye something to look at.

I took my coasters - (they're the ones you can insert photos in) -
and instead...
I inserted a piece of the fabric in each one.
How cute!

I also inserted the fabric into a picture frame.

Notice where it is?
Something up "high" and something down "low."

This is right when you walk into the living room.

The yellow just BURSTS.

Also added my favorite yellow pillows from
Love, love them to pieces.

Also added a burst of yellow to my wall of art work.

These are just pieces of fabric wrapped around canvases...
inserted in frames...
and then some plain frames without anything in them.

A collage of frames and fabric.

One other thing - 
I added yellow fabric to my folding room divider.

Another yellow pillow.

And my yellow flower pot!

In love.

Only cost me $2.00 at Gordmans.
Then, I added a small succulent plant to it.

More room decorating tips to come!

Don't forget...
10% burst of COLOR!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lend Me Your Ears

I have a confession to make:
I am addicted to jewelry.

Not the expensive kind - (although it is nice!) 
But, the "costume" jewelry. FUN jewelry.

Especially earrings.

And for the last year... 
this TABLE is where they've all nestled.

Until Saturday.

That's when I FINALLY pieced together my latest creation.

It all started with this white frame that I bought from Hobby Lobby
for $13.60
(That is a steal!)

I also grabbed a yard of fabric for $4.00 - 
and ironed it out.

Wrapped it AROUND the backing of the picture frame.

 used tape to hold it in place.
(You can also use staples or spray adhesive.)

Pop the backing into the frame.
(Almost done!)

Next up - 
I got this awesome piece of wall art from
Bed Bath & Beyond for $23.00

(I had a 20% off coupon)

I was looking for something with LOTS of holes in it - 
so the earrings would have places to go :)

Place the wall art DIRECTLY in the middle of the frame.
(Use a ruler to measure it out!)

Get out some small, steel tacks or nails.

Hammer four of them directly into the frame - but BE GENTLE!

Then, hang the frame up on the wall - 
and place the wall art on top of the four nails that are on the frame.

Hang the earrings!

The "nooks and crannies" in the wall art are PERFECT for the earrings to stay put.

And, since we TAPED the fabric to the backing...
you can EASILY switch it out, whenever you get bored with it!

A new place to hang my earrings.
And, it looks pretty cute too!

After getting it done... 
I treated myself to a little sushi :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Light Up Those Angles!

by the angles and lights 
inside this Canadian home.

First up...
Check out this outdoor space!
Crazy beautiful.
Notice the "bubble" lights...

... they are hung from the ceiling throughout the entire house.
It adds such continuity.

check out this DESK!
I am in love.
The "squares" and "circles" add so much dimension to the room -
and they balance each other out quite nicely.

the "squares" continue in the home, with the help of these 
They go ALL the way up to the ceiling.

And, I love how they are hung sporadically - 
just like the LIGHTS in the house!

All in all...
such a fun, beautiful space!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Rooms I'm Loving

I swear... 
Some days, I could look at design blogs 
and online magazines for HOURS.

Today, my weakness is House Beautiful.

First off - I am in love, love, love with the beautiful wall color
surrounding the fireplace.  The red rug, and white ottoman truly make it pop.

In this photo - it's ALL about the curtains.
(And the fabulous purple chair.)

This photo really needs NO explanation.
It's the MIRROR!
What a cool idea.

Not sure I'd have the guts to have my bulletin board
LITERALLY hang from my living room ceiling...
but it totally works in this room!

Two words:

This photo - is all about that AWESOME table!!!
It truly makes a statement in the room.

Super romantic bedroom.
Love the high ceilings and the white netting.

Love, love, LOVE the light blue shutters for a headboard.
Such a "beachy" feel.

One of the TOP design rules for any home.
The blue dishes and green light fixture add just the right amount
to this white/gray kitchen.

The first thing that catches my eye in this photo - is the AMAZING wall
situated behind the kitchen table.
Just imagine all the fun things you could put in there!

I adore this corner of the kitchen.
The brick wall from the fire place makes the room feel SUPER cozy.

Check out those ceilings!

This room just reminds me of a great place for the entire family to hang out.
Casual... yet classic, elegance.

This room goes to show - WHITE is fantastic...
as long as you know how to use it correctly!
Not too bland...
not too bright!

For more photos - and GREAT rooms - just check out