Monday, April 22, 2013

Artwork Under the Sea

I nanny for a family in West Omaha.
On this particular day, the kids didn't have school.
So, we decided to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

When we reached the Aquarium... the kids' eyes (and mine!) were glued to the jellyfish. 

While the kids thought the jellyfish were "fun to watch" - I immediately saw them in a different light.

I began to think, "these photos would look REALLY cool in an orange-colored room."

Perhaps a dining room?


Just imagine the jellyfish photos blown up - and inserted in large, white picture frames with matting.

The mixture of orange, blue and white is pretty fantastic.
Hang the photos in the living room...

An entry way...

Even the office...

Or a kid's bedroom!

The entire collection is so beautiful to look at.
Why not display it for everyone to enjoy?

Artwork is all around you.
Just have your camera handy --- even at the zoo!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BBQ on the Ironing Board

Spring is here... even though it doesn't feel like it.
Snow + tornadoes + hail + sleet = WHAT IS GOING ON???
And more importantly... where is that darn groundhog?

I'm not sure what to wear these days.
One day it's a winter coat + boots... the next day it's a spring jacket + flip-flops.
But, on those few days where I DO get to wear flip-flops... I dream about spending more time outside.

Between barbecues, birthdays, weddings and graduation parties - lots of you will be hosting outdoor events... sooner than later.

And, if you're looking for a unique way to entertain... look no further than your LAUNDRY ROOM.

I saw this cool idea last Spring... when I visited my cousin (Melissa) in California.

She lives with her husband and two kids in Huntington Beach.
Nearby is this AMAZZZING shopping center called The OC Mart Mix.
It's filled with boutiques, restaurants and bakeries.

It also hosts a farmers market EVERY WEEKEND in the parking lot.
Filled with fruits, veggies and FOOD TRUCKS.

Whenever Melissa and I get together... calories go OUT the window.
So, we ordered sweet potato fries...

... and grilled cheese stuffed with BBQ pork.

All the regular "sit down" tables were taken - so we opted to hang out by the ironing boards.

Each board was "decorated" with a little plant.

As for table space?
We had PLENTY of room to stuff our faces.
And (since we had to stand) - the tables were the perfect height.

So, if you're hosting a party this Spring/Summer... and need extra tables ASAP - 
get out that ironing board! Borrow one from your grandma! Go to the thrift store!
  (I'm sure they have lots of ironing boards for SUPER cheap.)

Just make sure you remove the yucky ironing board COVER... unless it's an adorable design!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Overhauling the Office

Live near your parents?  Or WITH them?
If so, you're probably in the same boat I am.
You want to RE-DECORATE outdated rooms!!!
A few weeks ago, we tackled the master bedroom.


This week, we're tackling the office.
It's bland. Beige. Boring.

But... full of some unique treasures.
(Who else has a stuffed pheasant from their grandpa?)

I wanted to get rid of the "beige" color on the walls.
So, we painted the room "Sterling" - (bought at the Home Depot.)
It's a light gray color.


I wanted to ditch that small table (off to the right) that's covered by a green tablecloth. 
It wasn't doing much - except holding the printer... and a basket.

My parents had this old bookshelf in the garage - that wasn't being used...

... so I painted it white!

I added small baskets to the shelves.

Hung some cool artwork - and added a lamp.

My dad built this about 30-years-ago.
So, painting it was OUT of the question.

I cleaned it with Murphy Oil Soap.
(Just spray on - and wipe off with a clean cloth.)

What about these little dents and scratches?

I didn't feel like sanding and staining the entire bookshelf...
so I bought a stain marker instead.
(Works just like a normal marker.)

Draw over the scratches and dents... then gently wipe away the excess residue with a cloth.

Works like a charm.

Pretty good, right?
Bookshelf #2 - DONE.

Moving along to the next project...
Painting THREE bulletin boards WHITE!

My parents needed a place to hang their calendar, notes, reminders, and PHOTOS - like this gem!

I bought three, plain bulletin boards at Hobby Lobby.

Took blue Painters Tape and a trash bag...

... carefully covered the CORK CENTER of the bulletin board.
(I didn't want any white paint to get on it.)

Once it was taped, I used WHITE SPRAY PAINT.
(It's wayyyy easier than getting out a paint brush.)

I ended up using two cans... spraying THREE separate layers.

Once the bulletin boards were dry, I peeled off the tape...

... and hung them above the desk.
 Looks great!



Last but not least...
I hung more artwork...

Added new curtains...

... and filled in the nooks and crannies on my dad's bookshelf.
(These are some of his favorite things.)



It took a lot of work... but looks SO MUCH BETTER.
More organized.
More storage.
Less beige.
Less blah.