Sunday, April 17, 2011

House Crashing - Jenna & Jimmy

Today, we are going HOUSE CRASHING!

This adorable little home belongs to my friend Jenna and her boyfriend Jimmy.
(Aren't they cute?!)

The house they bought... is a fixer-upper.
No doubt.
But, they are going through each room - and making them their own.















You can tell, they've added some more contemporary pieces to the rooms...
Did some painting...
Rearranged furniture...
But, there's still work that needs to be done.

Here a few ideas I had.

We'll start w/ the BASEMENT.

Since the basement has the wood panelling, and a BIG stone fireplace...

I would PAINT the stone fireplace WHITE, 
and the panelling GRAY.
Then, add pops of yellow and turquoise with pillows and accessories.

Here are a few examples of the WHITE fireplace and GRAY walls.

For furniture, I'd do a BOLD couch...
Either yellow, gray, chocolate brown, white or tan.

A sectional could be nice - as long as it's not TOO big.

For chairs - HAVE FUN!
Find something with a great pattern.

Then, add POPS of turquoise, gray, and yellow!

If you're looking for something to put the TV on - look on Craigslist
for a CHEAP dresser... and paint it YELLOW!
You could place the TV on TOP of the dresser - or hang it on the wall 
if it's a flat screen.

For the walls in the basement...

I LOVE taking empty frames...
painting them different colors, and hanging them on the walls.

You can buy them on Etsy - or go to a thrift store, find old frames 
and spray paint them!

One other thing you can do... is buy PLAIN, white CANVASES.
(You can get them for like $8-15 at Hobby Lobby.)

Then, cover them with a fun fabric!
Just wrap the fabric around them, and STAPLE to the back.
(Kind of like you're wrapping a present.)

Or, put the fabric inside the frame - and ditch the glass front.

Some fabrics that could look really cute together hung on the wall:

For curtains in the basement... I would FOR SURE go lighter!
You want something WHITE with a little design on them.
West Elm has great curtains.

These curtains could also work for UPSTAIRS

THREE things YOU HAVE to change...

1.) Paint the fireplace white.

2.) Paint the "built ins" the same color as the fireplace
(at least the trim!)

3.) Get RID of the MIRROR above the fireplace.


You can put a modern mirror above the fireplace.

Even, some plain white frames - with a great collage of photos
or FABRIC inside.

Also... if it's in the budget - I'd buy a RUG for under the coffee table.
It can REALLY help pull a room together.

Take your time making EACH room your own.

It will eventually all fall into place :)
Congrats you guys!

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