Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Big Girl" Easter Baskets

We're just DAYS away from kids wrapping their 
little fingers around their big Easter baskets!

Growing up, the "Easter Bunny" would fill mine with candy, toys,
pajamas and a VHS tape of my favorite Disney movie.

But... now that I'm "grown-up"...
that doesn't mean the baskets have to stop!

Here is a GREAT idea for a "big girl" basket.
Whether it's for a mom, sister, friend or cousin.

First off...
Go to an antique store - and look for a Ball jar.
(Seriously, they are everywhere - and range from $5 to $15 buckaroos.)

Once you find one you like, fill the jar with some of their favorite things!

I'm sticking with a "blue, purple, gold" color theme.

So, I found some fun nail polish...
and candy with "blue and purple" wrapping.

I also grabbed this $1 "Peeps" chap stick from Target,
and a really fun, dangly pair of gold/silver earrings from Kohls.

Found some "paper stuffing" to put at the bottom of the jar.
(This was also from Target.)

Once the filling is in the bottom, 

Feel free to find a cute "felt" basket to place the jar in.
(I found this one at Target for $1... notice, it's blue and purple.)

Personalize the basket even more, by adding a CD with some of your
favorite "spring time" music.
It can be church hymns, country, Christian, pop - whatever floats your boat!

(Notice once again... it's blue and purple.)

Then, stick a few other fun items in the basket, that can take them 
back to their childhood.
I found these $1 bunny ears at Target :)

Seriously - the $1 section at Target works GREAT for Easter baskets!

Put the Ball jar in the felt basket, add the ears and CD.
And, GIVE IT AWAY to your BFF.

The best part... is that once the "goodies" are taken out of the jar...
it can be used as a decoration around the house!

So, make a basket for your favorite girls!

It's always more fun to "give back" anyways :)


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