Wednesday, April 27, 2011

House Crashing - Ben & Jen

Who's excited for more House Crashing?
(Me! Me! Me!)

Today we're checking out the fantastic home of "Ben & Jen"...

(And - NO - not THAT "Ben & Jen.")

THIS "Ben & Jen" bought their ranch-style home in 2009.

It was built in 1952 - just outside of the Cedar Rapids, IA.
It's a 2 Bed/2 Bath, and is about 2300 square feet.

(Check out that HUGE YARD!)

In the summertime...

... and in the wintertime.

The house sits on 2 acres of timber...

... which I'm sure the "smallest" member of the family
just LOVES to explore!

The entire house was gutted down to the studs in 2006 -
and includes exposed beams!!!

(I am such a sucker for those.)

Jen has managed a Pier One for about 7 years now, 
and according to Ben - all the "interior design decisions" are left up to her.

But he, "lives with the idealistic notion that his option matters."

Spoken like one smart guy!

I love how earthy, warm and inviting the house is...
that BIG leather sectional is perfect.

Curious about their furniture?

Most of the pieces are bought from:

There is a hint of PINK in the house.
what little girl wouldn't want this room?


Check out that view!

We have GOT to talk about this amazing bed.
Ben actually BUILT it himself.

He used most of the materials from an old barn that was torn down.

It was made, following the simple instructions from this blog:

Guess how much it cost to make?

$60 BUCKS!
That's it!
And... it only took him 4 hours to build.


Ben says, "Jen was a bit skeptical at first - in both my woodworking skills,
 and the final outcome of the project."

But, now that it's done - Ben & Jen both agree - the platform bed has
INCREASED their quality of sleep.

I think it's great.
Super jealous.
Makes me want to go out and build a bed.

I absolutely LOVE the chocolate brown panels they used for a headboard.
(And the curtains... and the big, white comforter.)

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of your beautiful home!
Keep up the great work!

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