Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#HHH - Homemade Headboard Hunt

My parents recently purchased a new bed.
It's a California King... and doesn't fit inside their old Queen sized frame.
Which means... their old headboard doesn't fit either!

Instead of spending money on a new headboard - my mom wants to MAKE one.

Right now, she's leaning towards a DIY padded headboard.

Even though the "padded" route is the way we'll probably go...
I fell in love with LOTS of DIY headboard ideas. 

I'm a big, big fan of using rustic wood pieces. 
(Attaching a few candles.)

The ol' rustic door trick.

Have a few sticks in the backyard?
Love the pop of color too.

Maybe an oar or two?
This would be cool for a guest room.

Adorable idea for a teenager's room.
Painted pieces of rustic wood.

Use chair backs!

LOVE this idea.

Spread some chalkboard paint on the wall.
Draw your own headboard!

Old window shutters.
Find some great fabric, and pad the insides.

Remove the glass from picture frames - and place fabric inside.

Padded headboard with crown molding.
Love this one.

Looks great - and useful too!

Rustic wood - from head to toe.

Paint stripes on a piece of plywood.

Padded headboard overload.
This project will take a LONG time - but pay off in the end!
So cool.


Find a few room dividers - and line them up behind the bed.
This looks so elegant.

Finally, just IMAGINE a bed in front of this.
I love the idea of combining the doors... and rustic wood.
I want this in my bedroom!

Will keep you posted on the progress of the headboard!
Need to find some fabulous fabric first.

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