Monday, April 25, 2011

"Let's Go Fly a Kite"

Taking a cue from the movie "Mary Poppins"...

... I went to Chicago to visit my sister (Laura) for Easter.

The weather was SO BEAUTIFUL  - we wanted to play outside.
So... we went to Lincoln Park, and decided to fly a kite!
(Make that, a BARBIE kite.)

Don't worry... our "inner child" didn't stop there.
We also bought bubbles and sidewalk chalk!

It was almost too much fun to handle!
I highly recommend doing this... 
Seriously takes you back to the days of being a kid.

Then, we took a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
(BONUS - admission is free!!!)

My sister's boyfriend (Adam), and his good friend (John) came with too.


Look how pretty the zoo was... 
spring has officially arrived in Chicago!

On Easter Sunday, my sister gave me this adorable basket.

She used a flower pot as the "basket" and filled it with some of my fav candy.
(She made a make-shift handle out of construction paper.)

We set out to find some Easter brunch.
Once again... it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside.

The place we wanted to eat, was the "Riverside Cafe"...

... but it was "CLOSED!"

So, we decided to hop across the street to "Jane's."

Fabulous choice.
Everything was DELICIOUS!
They had pitchers of Bloody Mary's...
and bread with HONEY BUTTER :)

We bellied up to the bar,
and stuffed ourselves full!
(Our waitress kept the coffee coming.)

My blueberry pancakes just OOOZED with blueberry goodness.
(There was also a mound of potatoes underneath. OMG.)

My sister's crepes were also fresh and fruity.
(Came with a side of turkey sausage.)

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL trip!
Beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful holiday weekend.

Mary Poppins would have been very proud :)

Happy Easter!

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