Sunday, April 10, 2011

EASTER TREATS... (For your house!)

I LOVE, LOVE Easter... 
for a lot of reasons.

1. It means SPRING is finally here!

2. The entire family gets to dress up in cute Easter outfits.

3. My favorite Easter hymns are played at church.

4. There's plenty of CHOCOLATE in an Easter basket from my parents... 
(and don't forget) Easter egg hunts for the little cousins.

5. Decorating the house with PASTELS!!!

This vase is something I did last Easter.
I put fresh flowers inside a SMALLER vase, then put jelly beans
and Peeps around the vase... which was put INSIDE
a BIGGER vase.
Super cute.

This is the FIRST year as a family, we will NOT be celebrating Easter together.
(Sad face.)

My brother is studying in London, my sister lives in Chicago, and I now live in Green Bay.
It's too expensive (we're talking $300+) for just one of us to fly home.
So, we'll be on our own... for the first time.

Which means, I won't be able to help mom 
decorate the house...
set the table...
or put together fun Easter gifts for our little cousins.

So, I am living vicariously through Etsy over these next few days...
looking at fun Easter ideas.

Starting with this ADORABLE "Happy Easter" banner!
It's a great way to greet your guests when they walk in the door.

Or, how about this Easter wreath?
I think every door needs a wreath... for pretty much every holiday.

Your guests will need some place to hang their spring coats.
I think this blue shelf (with a sprig of yellow!) is absolutely adorable.

Next up...
You'll need some really cool lighting above the dinner table.
I think these vintage Ball jars - with touches of pink, green and yellow - 

Which reminds me of a jello mold!!!
Jello molds ALWAYS make me think of Easter.

Your guests will be casually sitting around the house, 
or on the front porch...
So, get out those OLD pairs of jeans you're not using - and make coasters!
This screams springtime to me.

More than likely, they'll need either a "before" or "after" dinner mint.
And I think these "button inspired" peppermints are too cute.

Next up, some ideas for the dinner table!
How about this vintage spool... with a little nest on top?

These "birds nest" place card holders could match.

Or, you could use these porcelain eggs... and put the name cards in the tall grass.
It could also be a GREAT gift to send each guest home with.

For the kids...
Ditch those "conventional" Easter egg baskets - and go with something more vintage!
(Made out of chicken wire.)

Inside the baskets (for the girls at least) - these PEEP necklaces are perfect.
I would have LOVED to have one growing up.

For decorations around the house - I love these tiny baskets... 
that spell out "E-A-S-T-E-R."

And, make sure to add some pastels to your furniture with these pillows!

HAPPY EASTER, everyone!

Enjoy the time with your families... and lots of sweets :)