Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breakfast... for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Monday through Friday,
I am always up and at em' (headed for work) by 12:30 AM.

Our morning show runs from 5-7 AM.

With my crazy work/sleep schedule...
... the one question everyone seems to ask me is, 

"What do you eat? And when do you eat it?"

For starters....
A banana, cereal or granola bar are the "breakfast" of choice around 2:00 AM.

Along with LOTS of coffee!

But, when I get home from work (usually around 10:00 AM), 
I am ready for "lunch" - which is actually... just more breakfast food.

A cinnamon/raisin bagel with cream cheese, apple wedges
 and a drizzle of honey is a GO TO "lunch" item.

So is FRUIT!
I swear... I eat fruit all the time now.

From blueberries, strawberries, oranges...

I seriously could eat grapefruit for every single meal.
(Sometimes I do!)

For "dinner" (which is usually around 5:00 PM) 
I have to eat something

Otherwise, I will toss and turn in bed with a full stomach...
and won't be able to sleep.

I tend to eat lots of veggies...

... or throw a bag of edamame in the microwave. 

Pita chips with humus is always good too.

Or soup!
Soup is always great.

But, like I said before...
(with some crackers and pepper-jack cheese)
is a great "dinner" food.

On the weekends... 
 I can "let loose" a little bit - 
and NOT eat breakfast for basically every single meal!

That's when sushi, pizza and cake can come out and play :)


  1. 12:30??? That is crazy! I love your plates!! Is the soup homemade? It looks amazing!

  2. I know... it is SUPER crazy!
    Yes, the soup is homemade - here's the link to it!