Friday, May 13, 2011

"Picture Perfect" Table Setting

Planning a birthday party?
Engagement party?
Memorial Day party?

Check out this cute table setting idea from

- Head to a thrift store and pick up about a dozen vintage frames.

- Then, layer them in the center of the table.

- Add some clear drinking glasses, and set white plates on top of them.

- Finally... add whatever goodies you want to the plates!

A few other options...

Buy an old vintage WINDOW frame - and set that in the middle of the table.

Then, add COLORED vintage drinking glasses, to every-other "window pane."

And top off those glasses with some colorful plates!

(Most of these can be bought at Pier One.)

Then, add your treats on top!

(Perhaps my red velvet cupcakes with cherry chips?)
Click HERE if you want the recipe.

Whichever way you do it... or whatever foods you add...

There are ENDLESS possibilities of how it will look.
I can't WAIT to try this at my next event!

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