Monday, May 9, 2011

Coffee Cake & Cherries

Take a look at THIS!

It's a GIANT piece of coffee cake from "Village Cafe" - 
a cute little breakfast spot in Egg Harbor, WI.

They serve it with a STEAK KNIFE!

This flavor just melts in your mouth.
Say hello to "Butter Pecan!!!"

They bake it up in a bread tin - and serve it literally RIGHT OUT OF THE OVEN!
It's fresh... and so warm and delicious.

Egg Harbor is located in Door County, Wisconsin.
It's basically, the tip of the state - that juts out into Lake Michigan.

Places such as...
Sister Bay
Sturgeon Bay
Fish Creek
... are also housed along the shoreline in Door County.

Some describe it as the "Martha's Vineyard of the Midwest" ...
full of cherry orchards, wineries, blue waters and beaches.

After visiting, I totally agree.
I mean, look how GORGEOUS this place is!

The main reason I went up to Door County this past weekend, was for the

My good friends Jon and Aubre ran the entire thing!
(So proud of them!)

After the race, we went to Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant for some brunch.
They are known for their "goats on the roof."

We got Swedish pancakes covered in cherries and whipped cream...

... along with your traditional potatoes, bacon, eggs and toast with lingonberry jam.

After brunch, we broke out our "Naughty Girl" wine!
It's made by a winery in Green Bay, called "Captain's Walk."

Then, we headed to Fish Creek for some photos...

... and to SHOP!
Fish Creek has some FABULOUS little boutiques and shops.

I had to buy something to bring back home - 
so I grabbed one of my FAVORITE things...
"Red Raspberry Pretzel Dip."

Put some on a pretzel...
so delicious and sweet!

All in all...
It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend - with some of my best friends.

It's a place to literally forget about your worries - and enjoy nature.

I'll be back!
Can't wait :)

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