Thursday, August 19, 2010

Four Fingers, and a "Green" Thumb

When it comes to plants, I am NOT a huge fan of people who have dozens of them stocked up against a window or door (aka - my mother).
I mean, are we walking through a jungle?

... instead, I like plants to be unusual, and displayed in unique ways.
So - here are a few fun examples of how YOU can display your green thumb in a fun, different way!

This Cathedral top birdcage from Etsy is a great example of how to take a vintage bird cage, and make it into a plant holder.
Put your house numbers on the front, and it's a great piece for your front porch!

Or... how about using an old drawer you have lying around the house?
This old sewing drawer from Etsy is so cute.
Just put a few indoor plants inside, and you have a great piece for a bookshelf or table.

Don't forget your cup of tea! Use an old teacup and fill it with a cute little plant! I LOVE this idea. Find a cute vintage teacup from grandma's attic, or even Goodwill.

What about a GREAT piece of old furniture that you just don't have any use for anymore?
Steal this idea from Etsy, and cut out the bottom of your chair, and replace with a planter filled with plants!

Finally, I can't end without have a Ball jar used as a planter! This first example from Etsy uses rustic red hooks, with the Ball jars hanging from them - filled with tulips.
The second example is a single hook, where you can hang the Ball jar with a good piece of wire.

What are YOUR unique ideas for how to display plants?
I'd love to hear them... see them!

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