Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vintage "A-Z"... and a Pop of Color

So, I was looking through Etsy this Sunday morning...
... searching for some new jewelry.

When I stumbled on THIS awesome shop full of vintage dictionary pages... 
... covered in ART!
(The artist is from Oregon.)

Imagine how COOL these prints could look FRAMED... and hung in a group,
on a bedroom or livingroom wall?!

To take it one step further, she offers these great "wedding gift" ideas.
Something I've been on the hunt for...
since my cousin (Holly) is getting married this April.

These prints could also make great birthday presents.
I know I WOULD LOVE to get one.
They only cost $10 a piece...
... and if you buy 2, you get one free!

Some of these prints were also featured on Apartment Therapy a few months ago.
One of my FAVORITE decorating sites.

They are so original - and (for sure) a conversation starter!

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  1. Jenny,

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