Monday, March 7, 2011

Grandma Knows Best

So, the other day I was getting a drink of juice...

... out of a special glass that was from my grandma and grandpa's house.

Every single time I use the glass, it takes me back 20 years (when I was a little girl) 
enjoying breakfast at their house.

Which then got me thinking...
I have a lot of things around my place, that remind me of my grandparents!

(Jake & Tillie)

As strange as it may sound...
Growing up, I always thought these BLUE GLASSES were super, duper fancy.
(Grandma only let the grown-ups use them.)

Now, every time I use one...
I think I'm super fancy :)

Something that reminds me of my OTHER grandma (my mom's mom)...
... is my collection of Ball jars.

(If there was a fire at my apartment, I'd probably grab them and run.)

My Grandma Pauline used them for canning, but I use them for decorating.
Love to pieces.

But, this lamp is probably my all-time favorite, when it comes to items
acquired from my grandparents. 

After my Grandpa Jake died, we moved my Grandma Tillie into a nursing home.
All the kids/grandkids got to pick things out from the house...
... and I ALWAYS knew that I wanted this lamp.

But, when I inherited the lamp, it didn't TURN ON... 
OR have a lamp shade.
(It sat on top of my grandpa's bedroom dresser for YEARS, 
and I never once saw him use it.)

Luckily, my dad (who can fix anything) got it to work!
And, I found the lamp shade on clearance at Target for $5.

When I asked my dad where my grandpa got the lamp, 
he told me that he won it at BINGO years and years ago!!!

He probably got the entire thing for $5, and now-a-days, it would cost me at least $40!

(That is another item I'd probably grab first, if I was in a fire.)

Another item I took, when we were picking things out of the house,
was my grandma's leather foot stool.

Growing up, it was always by her chair in the living room.

So, now it sits by my chair, in my living room...
... reminding me of her all the time.

Finally, the other item in my place that reminds me of my grandparents,
is this mirror.

Growing up, it was on the wall in the "wash room" - where my grandpa would
wash his hands after spending the day working outside in the yard.

Now, it hangs in my bedroom.
And, is just as cute as I remember it.

What items do you have, that remind you of your grandparents?

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