Saturday, March 12, 2011

Souper Idea!

I don't know if you remember my post from last September...

It's my recipe for homemade tomato soup.

It requires you to roast about a dozen
tomatoes in the oven, then stew them on the top of the stove.

Once they're stewed, you need to ladle them into a blender, 
and mix until the soup is smooth and silky.

It can sometimes be a pain to ladle the stewed tomatoes into the mixer.
(Not to mention messy, and hot!)

Which is why I AM SO EXCITED to have found this!!!

Slip-On Pour Spout 
It only costs $5!!!!
I am buying mine today.

But, then I went on to find a few other things I need.

Only $5.99!

this can pump-n-pour gadget!
Keeps your soda fresh!

Only $4.50!

These heart measuring spoons have also... captured my heart.

A cute $14.99 purchase.

And, you can't forget their brother and sisters!


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