Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day Surprise

So, there are several things I miss about Omaha...

1.) My family
2.) My friends
3.) Having more than one shopping mall within a 20 mile radius
4.) Sushi from "Hiro" in the Old Market


5.) Coffee from "A Hill of Beans"

So, imagine my surprise this St. Patty's Day, when I get home from work to find this!

Yes... COFFEE from "A Hill of Beans"... so excited!!!

Opening up the box, and taking out the 16 oz. bags... was just magical.

Of course, it contained my FAVORITE flavor - "Heavenly Delight."
This flavor makes waking up at 12:10 AM every morning for work... 

Not to mention "English Toffee."
If you're a fan of toffee, you will LOVE this flavor.

And... "Vanilla Buttercream" reminds me of a delicious cupcake.
Just like dessert in a cup.

But, really... (let's be honest) ANY of the flavors rock my socks.

You may ask, "Why is this coffee so good?"
It's all in the BEANS!
They are freshly roasted EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I get the whole beans, and then grind them up in my coffee grinder.

And, since it is St. Patrick's Day...

... I got out my green mug to celebrate!

Finally, my green "coffee basket" is full again... 
and my coffee machine is ready to brew!

(A delicious beverage that reminds me of home.)

After all...
Life REALLY IS "too short to drink bad coffee."

So, check out "A Hill of Beans"...
... tell them I sent ya.

You won't be disappointed!

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