Friday, February 4, 2011

In "love" with "House Tweaking"

I have fallen in LOVE with the blog "House Tweaking" - written by a hardworking mom,
who loves to spend her spare time decorating her home.

It was mainly this woman's BEDROOM that had my jaw dropping.
I love, love, love the gray/yellow color scheme...
... and the HEAD BOARD!!!

To see how she did it, click here.

I mean, the entire thing is just so creative.
Don't forget the YELLOW BARN DOOR!

It closes off the bathroom from the bedroom,
and adds the PERFECT pop of color!

The gray color theme moves through most of the house...

... creating such a peaceful, modern home.

And, she's not afraid to use big, bold pieces on the walls.

Once again, it's pictures like these that make me want my own house.

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