Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where are you SUMMER?

I am dreaming of summer (and FLIP FLOPS!)...
... will it ever come?

According to the world's most famous groundhog, SPRING
is on the way!

As I was browsing through some of my favorite "decorating sites,"
I stumbled across these "cactus-inspired" table decorations
and they only make me want to BE OUTSIDE (enjoying a nice cocktail)
even more!

This table setting is simply adorable.
And... how easy?!

Also makes a cute display for cupcakes.
(That's a clay planter bottom - used to catch water from plants!)

You can buy the glass canisters and candles at "Hobby Lobby."
The cacti at "Home Depot."
And you can get the dried beans (for under the cacti)
and flowers (for around the candles) at the grocery store!

Doesn't this make you want to throw a party?
Ah... summer... hurry up and get here!

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