Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite Things - Day #3

It's so funny how less than two years ago,
hardly anybody knew about Etsy.

These days, LOTS of people know about it...
... and if you don't - you will!

That's why etsy.com has some of my "favorite things" for Christmas!
(I mean, check out this cute shirt! Adorable for work.)

1.) This ADORABLE necklace is something I want under the tree.

2.) Etsy is a great, great place to find unique artwork.
I mean, you can get all 3 prints of these trees for only $60!

3.) Pottery, and dishes everywhere!
These coffee mugs with one-of-a-kind sketches on them are great.

4.) Shabby chic picture frames!
How cute would these be in a living room?

5.) Put a ring on it!

6.) Vintage white chairs! These I may have to buy for myself.

7.) Clutch purses galore. SO many to choose from.

8.) Even recycled bottles... that become cheese trays!

Seriously, there are WAYYYYY too many things I like on this site...
... I could be posting all day long.
So, just go check it out yourself!

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