Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Layering... While Saving a Few Bucks!

First off... it has been WEEKS since I've blogged... which feels like an eternity!
I've been busy moving, and getting settled into my new job.

So, with my new place, "LAYERING" has become important for a few reasons:
1.) Repurposing things I already have... to save money!
2.) Creating dimension in my small space.

First up - cheap, easy artwork.
One trick is to buy canvases at local craft stores
(you can buy them for as little as $3) - and cover them with fabric.
I just wrapped the fabric around the canvas (like a present) and hot glued
the fabric to the back of the canvas. *You can also use staples.*

Re-using old frames.
Once again, I'm using FABRIC to put inside the frames... instead of pictures!
It's different and fun... and the fabric swatches can easily be changed.

Layer the frames and canvases together... to help fill a BIG WHITE WALL!
(That's the one thing I hate about apartments... you can never paint the walls.)

Organizing nicknacks.
I have so many of them!!!

One way, is to buy a nice tray at Hobby Lobby or Pier One, and fill it
with all of your nicknacks.
(Make sure they are different heights and shapes. Try to find a nice vase,
a candle, small plant, etc.)

Then, place it in the center of a table or island.
Once again... using LAYERING.

Just a few quick easy steps that can help re-purpose the things you
already have around the house... without spending an arm and a leg!

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  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!