Friday, January 21, 2011

"Woman Cave"

We've all heard of a "man cave"... but what about...

For the ultimate one, we need:
Our "woman cave" sign on Etsy.

The sign will inspire the color palette:
Red, Yellow, Gray, White

Of course, we'll need some WINE on a a yellow handmade wine rack.

These adorable RED stemless wine glasses...

Don't forget about the COASTERS.

Add a few fun club chairs.

A gorgeous, nature-inspired red and gray rug.

Be BOLD, or go HOME - with this big yellow couch.

Some fun, funky throw pillows.

A white bloom pillow.

These wire candle holders (which go with the rug)...
... apparently, you can make them on your own!

To finish it off, this super chic silver light fixture.

These beautiful prints for the walls, or in a frame - from Etsy.

You can't have a "woman cave" without CHOCOLATE.
In this case, cordial cherries.

But, the best accessories for the "woman cave" are obviously...
my best friends!
(You know who you are!!)

It would be super fun to be able to put all of their silhouettes on the walls!
One buyer on Etsy will let you do it!

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