Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Jewelry Hanger

Looking for a new jewelry hanger?

This is a project that took about 15 minutes...
and best of all...
cost only $5.00!

I've been trying to find a different way to hang my jewelry.
So, I found this decorative canvas on clearance at "Hobby Lobby" for $3.

I bought some hooks at "Target" for only $2.

I screwed the hooks in the bottom (wooden part) of the canvas.
These are the kinds of hooks that you can twist by hand.

Make sure to measure them out with a tape measure before you
screw them in.
I did about an inch and a half...
... which gave me 7 hooks for necklaces.

Hang em up!

The best part about this jewelry hanger is the fact that I don't
have to screw a bunch of hooks into my apartment wall.

I've done that over the years, and it's left big holes to patch.
By using the canvas, it creates less of a mess!

** If you can't find a decorative canvas that you like, you can always
purchase a PLAIN canvas for about $3-5 at "Hobby Lobby" and cover it
with fabric. **

Like the examples below:

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