Sunday, December 19, 2010

Few of My Favorite Things - Day #1

With 5 days until Christmas Eve, I've decided to do FIVE DAYS...
of my FAVORITE things...
from FIVE of my favorite websites.

I love this website because it has so many unique ideas
for every single room in your house.

I am in love with the yellow artwork in this room.

Same with the artwork in this photo too.
I love taking big, bold patterns and putting them above a sofa.

This room, could be one of my TOP favorites... EVER.
I love the different wall colors, combined with patterns and textures.
Not to mention, the dining room chairs!
It just screams, "LOOK AT ME!"

This room is simple, soothing.
Love the artwork behind the couch.
Kind of difficult to tell from the picture, but it's waves.

Once again, this artwork behind the couch MAKES the room.

Little touches of yellow is my new guilty pleasure.
This room adds just the right amount.

How cool is the artwork in this room?!
I LOVE how the pictures go ALL the way across the wall.

The brick wall, combined with the wallpaper, blinds, and artwork
add so much fun and style to this room.

Such a great idea.
Use your favorite magazine for art.

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