Monday, September 5, 2011

Uncork Your Inner Artist

Happy Labor Day!

I just got back home from another fabulous trip to Chicago
to visit my younger sister and one of my best friends.

Chicago has so many WONDERFUL things to offer - 
and we found another gem this weekend:

It combines two things every girl enjoys:
ART... and BOOZE!

I mean, this really is true "LOVE"... am I right?

First up - 
We were able to start off with a session of YOGA... 
at the art studio!
To help release our inner "creativity."

We had a fabulous instructor named Elizabeth.
The cutest little thing.
(We all look like giants standing next to her!)

Then - 
We popped the champagne...
made mimosas...
and devoured some delicious yogurt and fruit.
It was fantastic!

While everyone was enjoying their breakfast - I took the chance to 
snap some shots of the AMAZING space.
(Nerd alert - I know!)

In love with this light fixture!!!

So many unique pieces of art.

Alright - now to the good stuff!

After breakfast, we picked out a picture to paint...
and got to work!

We were able to experiment with different color choices too...
which was really sweet of our instructor!

The only bad part about painting in yoga clothes?
Your arm fat jiggles like a chicken wing!
(Ladies - you know what I'm talking about.)

Aubre was super excited for the painting part.
After all - it was her BIRTHDAY!

My sister - trying to make her painting "picture perfect."

Now... drum roll please....






Our art instructor taking one final look at them!

Check out her cool painting that she was working on!

All five ladies - lined up with their paintings.

Such an incredible morning.


Thanks to the staff at Bottle & Bottega.
We'll all be back!

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