Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer? Meet Mr. Fall

Right now, the weather is in that "weird stage"...
where it still feels like SUMMER some days - and then FALL other days.

Which means - it's time to start making subtle changes to your home - starting with centerpieces.

These four ideas are still somewhat "summery" 
however, they incorporate a bit of fall.

 Mason Jars w/ Yarn
Super easy.
Find some mason jars at a craft or thrift store.
Wrap some yard around the base.
Fill with summer flowers (or herbs) - in FALL colors.

Flower & Veggie Centerpiece
This centerpiece would work well at a wedding, outdoor event or
the center of your kitchen table.

Find a very unique candle holder - and fill with candles... fall veggies...
and the last bit of summer flowers.
(Artichokes and squash would work well.)

Summer/Fall Candle Holders
This one just looks like so much fun!
Could easily be used for a fall or summer centerpiece.
The trick is the few bursts of ORANGE.

Feel free to use browns, reds and yellows too.

Head out to the garden - or farmer's market - 
and find a variety of tomatoes.
(Yellow, red, orange - BIG, little, medium sized.)
Put them in some cute baskets - and you are good to go!

Just a few of the ideas that you'll see coming your way over the next few weeks!

(Big thanks to Martha Stewart for these four tips.)

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