Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Rooms I'm Loving

I swear... 
Some days, I could look at design blogs 
and online magazines for HOURS.

Today, my weakness is House Beautiful.

First off - I am in love, love, love with the beautiful wall color
surrounding the fireplace.  The red rug, and white ottoman truly make it pop.

In this photo - it's ALL about the curtains.
(And the fabulous purple chair.)

This photo really needs NO explanation.
It's the MIRROR!
What a cool idea.

Not sure I'd have the guts to have my bulletin board
LITERALLY hang from my living room ceiling...
but it totally works in this room!

Two words:

This photo - is all about that AWESOME table!!!
It truly makes a statement in the room.

Super romantic bedroom.
Love the high ceilings and the white netting.

Love, love, LOVE the light blue shutters for a headboard.
Such a "beachy" feel.

One of the TOP design rules for any home.
The blue dishes and green light fixture add just the right amount
to this white/gray kitchen.

The first thing that catches my eye in this photo - is the AMAZING wall
situated behind the kitchen table.
Just imagine all the fun things you could put in there!

I adore this corner of the kitchen.
The brick wall from the fire place makes the room feel SUPER cozy.

Check out those ceilings!

This room just reminds me of a great place for the entire family to hang out.
Casual... yet classic, elegance.

This room goes to show - WHITE is fantastic...
as long as you know how to use it correctly!
Not too bland...
not too bright!

For more photos - and GREAT rooms - just check out

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