Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Finds

Father's Day 
is exactly ONE week from today.

And, I'm pretty sure... 
that I have the best dad out there.

He's hilarious, caring, GREAT at fixing almost anything...
and most importantly, he's NEVER shy about telling us kids, 

I still don't have his entire gift put together, 
so I logged on to Etsy to try and find some ideas.


These signs from Winfield Designs are pretty perfect - 
I know he would love them.

Thanks to ElementsEtching 
I could put all three of his kids' names:
on three rocks - and he could place them in the garden.

Or, just give him ONE BIG rock describing how much we love him.

Over the last few years, he's had problems with his eyes.

I think these signs from Added Touches would be the perfect way to 
give him an eye chart that he would love to read!
(And, add a bit of humor to the situation.)


I think all of us have said, "my dad is SO uncool" at some point.
Well, now you can remind him through these fun items from Gibberish

These next few items are GREAT for little kids to give their dads.

First up, these hand prints from PERSONALIZEDprints.
It's something he'll always have, and will remind him of how little his kids once were!

If your dad has a mustache, these chocolate treats from gymbohannah 
would be funny to give him.
Plus, they only cost $4 per pop!

What dad DOESN'T love to play LEGOS with his kids?!
These cuff links from GenXBoutique are so fun!

For the older kids (aka - my age)
these cuff links from dlkdesigns are a bit more sentimental.

You can pick TWO locations - so (for example) they could be:

1.) Where you were born
2.) Where he was born
3.) Where you went to college
4.) Favorite vacation spot

The choices are endless!

They also offer "initial" cuff links.
You could put his initials, or even your initials in them!

Finally, these gifts from bailey doesn't bark are SO awesome.
If you don't live near your dad, 
you can send him a "post card" on a coffee mug!

That way, he can read the note from you each and every morning :)

If he's more of a "tea drinker" - they also have an option for that too!

"No. 1 Dad"

Also, you can send him a personalized card
using CHALK!

I totally HEART this idea.

Happy Father's Day to ALL the dads out there!

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