Tuesday, September 17, 2013

White Stripes in the Bedroom

I was shuffling through old photographs today, 
and realized that I never shared the "before" and "after" photos 
of my parents' guest bedroom!

The room used to look like this...

I really, REALLY wanted to paint stripes on the wall.
So, I found inspiration by looking at several design websites.

I love the white/light tan combination.

It was quite simple painting the stripes on the wall.
The room was already painted a "light tan" color - so I only needed to paint the white stripes.
We bought one gallon of white paint - and LOTS of Frog Tape!
It is FANTASTIC for painting lines.
(I recommend using it over the blue Painters Tape.)

We held a level up on the wall... got a pencil... and slowly made our way around the room... 
forming STRAIGHT LINES with light pencil markings.

Then, we placed the Frog Tape along the pencil markings.
We painted in between the tape, and were left with these awesome stripes!

We wanted the stripes to be different sizes.
(The larger one goes behind the bed.)

Speaking of the bed...
Our color theme for the room was: 
White, Tan, Gray and Yellow.

We also played up different patterns - with one common shape:

The circles on the pillow actually inspired the artwork for the wall.

To find out how I made these DIY art pieces - just click here.

I also hung these metal circles on the wall too.
I found them at Target - on clearance!
They were in the "kitchen section" of the store... 
(so I'm not really sure what they're "supposed" to be used for.)
But, I like them as artwork!

I decided to hang them above my grandmother's cedar chest.

Some people tend to use the cedar chest as a "bench"...
so I made a cushion out of this gray/white fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. 

This yellow pillow was one example of the "pops" of yellow we had in the room.

Speaking of my grandmother's furniture...
this mirror/dresser combo was also my grandmother's.
It's a GORGEOUS piece of furniture.
And, the "circle mirror" fits in perfectly with the room!

All in all, we spent about $200 to upgrade the room.
The money went to:
Paint, curtains, pillows, a duvet cover and artwork supplies.

(The headboard and side table were furniture pieces that my parents already had.)



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  1. My grandma had the same dresser! Wish I had it now. The room looks amazing.