Monday, May 20, 2013

A "Succulent" Coffee Table

Ahhh, sunny California.

This past week I flew to Huntington Beach to visit my cousin and her family.

It was a pretty busy weekend... 
Filled with a birthday party and a baptism. 

(Godmother on duty! Pretty sure I have the most ADORABLE goddaughter.)

But, amidst the birthday brownies and holy water...
my cousin's husband (Simon) tackled another DIY project.
And this time - I got to help!

We converted an old COFFEE TABLE into a plant holder.
How cool is this?!
(The table was from Simon's next-door neighbor... who didn't want it anymore.)

To start...
Simon took OFF the old legs and the original top of the coffee table.
Then, he nailed plywood to the table's frame.

The frame has a nice wave to it - and I love the rusty bolts in the corners!

Simon cut three more pieces of wood to fit inside the frame (creating shelves for our plants.)
He also added caulk to "seal in" the shelves - and help prevent soil and water from dripping.

He painted the background/shelves a medium shade of gray.
(It's the same color as the house.)
We decided to leave the FRAME of the coffee table alone.

Once the paint dried...
It was time to plant!
We chose a wide variety of succulent plants.
(They were purchased at the Home Depot.)

I filled each shelf with soil - and added four succulent plants to each row.

The birthday boy was eager to help water them!

It was time to hang the coffee table/planter.
We decided to put it near the front door.
It's a perfect "statement piece" - and everyone notices it when they walk in!

Simon drilled two holes into the brick wall - then attached an old hook with a few bolts.
(He found the hook on Craigslist with a few others.)
You may remember from this PREVIOUS POST that Simon LOVES finding odd treasures on Craigslist.  

(And... just in case you were wondering...)
The REST of the old hooks were used in the backyard.

Simon filled these old, metal buckets with more succulent plants.

Back to the "succulent" coffee table!

This project was REALLY easy to make.
Simon and I were able to finish it in just a few hours.

It just goes to show... 
THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX with old furniture!
Each piece can be used in a different and unique way.

Happy planting!

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