Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Wood You Look at This?!"

Recently, I spent six WONDERFUL days in California...
with my cousin (aka: older sister) Melissa, her husband Simon and their two adorable kids.

The last time I visited, was in March of 2012... so there were LOTS of changes around the house!
All thanks to Simon's obsessiveness (I mean love) of Craigslist and the Home Depot. 

The first thing to catch my eye was this AWESOME WALL OF WOOD in the kitchen.
It's the perfect backdrop for their diner-style kitchen table. (Which was a buy from Craigslist.)

Simon applied the pieces of old wood to the wall himself.

He also found these magnetic strips, which serve as a funky photo album.

Can you find your Christmas card up there? 

The next piece to catch my eye, was this rustic/modern coffee cup holder.

Once again, Simon found some old pieces of wood... a few hooks... 

... and bam!
An awesome cup holder.
(I told him he needs to sell these on Etsy!)

If you take a walk outside, you'll notice some pretty amazing finds!

My eyes immediately went to the french doors hanging from the outside beams.

They serve as a "room divider" and pretty cool art pieces.

But, don't forget about the bar!
Simon built this from scratch too.

My favorite part was the "menu board" in the back.
A piece of wood... with some chalkboard paint... and a bottle opener.

Beer, please!

Then, take a seat by the fire pit.
ANOTHER deal Simon found on Craigslist.

Lesson learned: it pays off to stalk search Craigslist at least once-a-day for some amazing deals!

Thanks for the visit!
Can't wait to come back and see the NEXT project!

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