Sunday, April 7, 2013

Overhauling the Office

Live near your parents?  Or WITH them?
If so, you're probably in the same boat I am.
You want to RE-DECORATE outdated rooms!!!
A few weeks ago, we tackled the master bedroom.


This week, we're tackling the office.
It's bland. Beige. Boring.

But... full of some unique treasures.
(Who else has a stuffed pheasant from their grandpa?)

I wanted to get rid of the "beige" color on the walls.
So, we painted the room "Sterling" - (bought at the Home Depot.)
It's a light gray color.


I wanted to ditch that small table (off to the right) that's covered by a green tablecloth. 
It wasn't doing much - except holding the printer... and a basket.

My parents had this old bookshelf in the garage - that wasn't being used...

... so I painted it white!

I added small baskets to the shelves.

Hung some cool artwork - and added a lamp.

My dad built this about 30-years-ago.
So, painting it was OUT of the question.

I cleaned it with Murphy Oil Soap.
(Just spray on - and wipe off with a clean cloth.)

What about these little dents and scratches?

I didn't feel like sanding and staining the entire bookshelf...
so I bought a stain marker instead.
(Works just like a normal marker.)

Draw over the scratches and dents... then gently wipe away the excess residue with a cloth.

Works like a charm.

Pretty good, right?
Bookshelf #2 - DONE.

Moving along to the next project...
Painting THREE bulletin boards WHITE!

My parents needed a place to hang their calendar, notes, reminders, and PHOTOS - like this gem!

I bought three, plain bulletin boards at Hobby Lobby.

Took blue Painters Tape and a trash bag...

... carefully covered the CORK CENTER of the bulletin board.
(I didn't want any white paint to get on it.)

Once it was taped, I used WHITE SPRAY PAINT.
(It's wayyyy easier than getting out a paint brush.)

I ended up using two cans... spraying THREE separate layers.

Once the bulletin boards were dry, I peeled off the tape...

... and hung them above the desk.
 Looks great!



Last but not least...
I hung more artwork...

Added new curtains...

... and filled in the nooks and crannies on my dad's bookshelf.
(These are some of his favorite things.)



It took a lot of work... but looks SO MUCH BETTER.
More organized.
More storage.
Less beige.
Less blah.

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