Monday, April 22, 2013

Artwork Under the Sea

I nanny for a family in West Omaha.
On this particular day, the kids didn't have school.
So, we decided to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

When we reached the Aquarium... the kids' eyes (and mine!) were glued to the jellyfish. 

While the kids thought the jellyfish were "fun to watch" - I immediately saw them in a different light.

I began to think, "these photos would look REALLY cool in an orange-colored room."

Perhaps a dining room?


Just imagine the jellyfish photos blown up - and inserted in large, white picture frames with matting.

The mixture of orange, blue and white is pretty fantastic.
Hang the photos in the living room...

An entry way...

Even the office...

Or a kid's bedroom!

The entire collection is so beautiful to look at.
Why not display it for everyone to enjoy?

Artwork is all around you.
Just have your camera handy --- even at the zoo!

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