Saturday, December 10, 2011

Twist on a Traditional Wreath

This is a project (that I put off last year)...
and FINALLY got it done for this Christmas!

An awesome wreath - using YARN.

First up, you'll need to get some "craft balls" from 
Hobby Lobby or another craft store.

A bag will cost you about $4.
You'll need different SIZES.
So, make sure to get big, medium and small.

Buy different colors of yarn.
(I went with a blue/silver theme.)

You'll also need a wreath ring...
and some floral ties.

The first part is the MOST time consuming.
Wrap the yarn around your craft balls.

(This will take you a couple hours - just an FYI.)

Take one floral tie, and put it through the ball of yarn.

TWIST the ties onto your wreath ring.

Also throw in some fun Christmas ornaments too!

Secure them all in place!

Add a fun ornament (to put in the middle of the wreath.)
I chose a snowflake.

And... tada!!!
A homemade, Christmas wreath - for about $30.

Best part?
No one else will have one like it!

You can switch out the center ornament each year...
and even add more balls of yarn too.

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