Monday, August 15, 2011

53 Reasons Why I Love You

My mama's birthday is next week.
She'll be turning 53-years-young.

I decided to do something simple and sweet for her gift.

First off - she LOVES, LOVES chocolate.

So, I picked up her favorite candies and a cute box.

Then, I wrote out 53 separate reasons "why I love you"...

Things like:
1.) You always put others first.
2.) You see the best in people.
3.) You are the heart and soul of our family.

Each "reason" was then taped to a piece of candy.

I put all of them inside the pretty box.

Each time she goes to snack on a "sweet" - 
she'll have something "sweet" to read too!

Happy Birthday, Mom!
You are the best.

(Reason #54)

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